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To all Disney enthusiastics on my friendlist: (Eyes especially luna_puella and ilona)

I recently acquired the soundtrack to the new Disney 2D animation/life action hybrid Enchanted and put a smile on my face so broad it almost runs off.

The movie or what I've seen of it seems a pretty much sugarcoated romantic comedy taking a shot to the typical Disney (animated) Princess movies. But a sense that this parody might be done with style I got when I heard the soundtrack. Which is awesome. It's Alan Menken & Stephen Swartz back in full force.

Just listen to this.

It's Menken's persiflage of his own early style of Disney scoring (Think Little Mermaid, Beauty & the Beast) thickened with some broad Andrew Lloyd Webber-ish musical tricks and typical wishful-speech-going-into-song bridges very reminiscent to classics like Snow White and Cinderella. It's a musical patchwork of old Disney songs cliches, and yet it sounds fresh and powerful. (I'm telling you, if you play this a few times you'll be humming it for days!)

'The working song' is another excellent example of this.

It fills me with so much joy to hear some satisfying new Menken material (I still think Home on the Range was horrible.) This stuff makes me hopeful that Disney is heading in the right direction again. :)

And for the real enthusiast, here an excerpt of the musical score. More Classic Menken you can not get. :D

But anyway... I can't wait to actually see the movie that is accompanied by such brilliantly jolly music.
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