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The Easter Island project

Good morning my dear livejournal friends!

First of all: happy New year everyone! (I mean, it's my first post of the new year)

Remember that first fairytale outline of my new animation project? It's off the table. I spend the past two weeks brainstorming with Alexander and we came with quite a different concept since we want a slightly unusual exotic setting, personal drama and press an environmental issue.

But, as always, the story is far from 'there' yet. Especially the way to end it is something were not exactly sure off. So if you, my livejournal's 'writers room' have any ideas or suggestions on any aspect of the story... don't hold it back!


The story is loosely set on Easter Island during the fall of the proud Polynesian society that flourished on the Island for many centuries and erected an incredible number of giant stone statues of their gods and ancestors. It’s now commonly believed that this proud society collapsed because they completely cut down the island’s forest for producing and transportation of their giant statures and left them with no means to sustain their food supply. After fierce warfare under each other they eventually perished leaving the once green and fertile paradise a barren wasteland filled with broken statues well before the first European explorers came ashore in 1722.

The principle characters:

Manu A simple clan-boy, 14 years but still very child-like in his thinking. Very energetic and contagious optimistic but oblivious to the coming disaster till the very last minute. (representing the majority of mankind)
Kaula The pretty and intelligent daughter of the chief, 14 years but very wise for her age. Tired of trying to convince her father of the impending danger of cutting down the forest for erecting ever more statues. (representing intellectuals and environmentalists)
(Possible role)Kaula’s Father The Clan’s Chief, oblivious to the impending doom, too closed off to take his daughters warnings serious. Afraid of looking ahead but too proud to admit it. He keeps ordering more statues to the gods. (representing orthodox governments and businesses)

proposed story

1. We meet Manu skilfully navigate the dangers of the forest, dodges for wild animals, passes dangerous cliffs… all in pursuit of plucking an exceptionally beautiful flower. (He passes by men hacking wood and picking stone faces)

2. At night Manu sneaks into the tree house of a rival clan leader to bring his beautiful daughter the flower to declare his love to her. (The clan members are celebrating outside for the completion of yet another big stone head) The somewhat older and much wiser Kaula seems troubled looking out over a deforested hillside from her window. (Her room shows her care for nature and there hang blueprints to build a rowboat.) But Kaula lightens up by Manu’s clumsy but genuine gesture of affection.

3. In a montage we see a smitten Manu get out to collect flowers progressively beautiful and rare to fancy Kaula, however, Kaula seems less impressed each time. (Manu is blind to the fact that Kaula deeply cares for nature and feels bad for him bringing her rare flowers) (We see Kaula actually building a rowboat when Manu meets her at the beach) Manu gets increasingly frustrated when most of his ‘secret flower spots’ seem to have turned into virtual wasteland caused by the ever more escalating head-making process.

4. Feeling rejected, Manu seeks the ultimate flower but to his horror finds the whole Island is a deserted wasteland with a preposterous amount of giant heads standing all over the place. But then he sees it: the most beautiful flower on a sole little tree standing on the edge of a cliff. As he runs to the tree Kaula stops him. Finally the truth dawns to Manu: the flowers (stand for material possessions) don’t matter squad for Kaula loving him. They embrace their love and leave the flower tree untouched. (Once the kids are out of frame, however, the clan reaches the last tree and cut it down with a great sense of triumph. Then they all fall quiet and look around with a ‘now what’ feeling)

5. As Kaula and Manu row away from the Island with mixed feelings we see a clan war breaking lose in the background.

6. After the credits – The 18th explorer Jacob Roggeveen scratches behind his ear seeing the odd face statues on the deserted Island with a stupefied expression.


The things we come up with...
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