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project update - 2nd week of June

Heh, I purchased a paid lj account again because I got fed up with not being able to edit comments. :P Oh well, it has some other benefits besides that silly little thing, expect some neat new user pics as soon as I think up some... I now have 35 slots instead of 6 after all. :)

I had a very fruitful progress meeting on Wednesday. We hope to finalize the dialogue in next week's session, record a temp track to roughly time the storyboard the week after and in 4-5 weeks time record it with the real voice cast. I've got till then to finish the moving storyboard, and make character sheets for Lizemijn to get into drawing and modelling the characters in a uniform way throughout the production. All and all a fruitful meeting and I feel like going forward again.
It was also nice that zolphia could finally join us in the discussion since she's more or less involved since the beginning in building the story but she had never met Alex and Lizemijn up till last Wednesday. Hurray for shorter communication lines.

In other news, my new graphics card arrived in the mail yesterday and Alex is coming over in the afternoon to install it. Let's hope the problem is fixed this way instead of making it worse. (like a completely dead computer. ;)) I'm still planning to buy a new system somewhere next month, but I rather do that with a good running system in the mean time.

And to conclude this post a little appetizer. Here are some newly coloured (or rather, grey scaled ;)) storyboard images I've done the past couple of days, respectively out of scene 3 and 10.

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