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Puma film

Oh by the way...

between moving houses and a plethora of children book animations, I worked on an 'animated' trailer for a new Puma sneaker as a viral promotion. A cheesy yet cool absurd trailer reminiscent of 80-90's sci-fi. One of the strangest and surreal things I ever worked on. But it was nice to step out of my comfort zone again. We shot the dolls in a warehouse and I Photoshopped them into the backgrounds and did some post and animation in After Effects on it.

You can see it here: on vimeo

I'm curious what you think of it. Not my proudest work but fun nonetheless. And yes, that's real Japanese and Chinese that's spoken in it.
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it's really, well eh dunno how to describe it, it's good/weird/awesome/way outta there at least hehe

how many references did you put in there? I picked out Star wars and Dune so far lol
I didn't write it myself... but there are references (among others) to find of Back to the Future, The Abyss, Saturn 3, Alien, Dune, Enemy Mine and yes, Star Wars. Almost every scene is some kind of homage to some obscure sci-fi flick. XD
iven if you didnt write any of the stuff it's still awesome,
this viral is so weird you just keep thinking wtf?? this is a Puma ad? XD
Oh hey, I was wondering if you've seen the promotion animation on Bol.com. As a registered user I received a mail last week from bol.com inviting me to a tour with free stuff at the end, so I was like "cool! Free stuff!" and clicked. It ended up being a really cool animation, with excellent music, too. I immediately thought "ooh, I wonder if Leo's seen this" XD

... Anyway. That Puma trailer is really weird. XD What's with the dolls? I could understand some of the Japanese and it totally cracked me up when they mentioned the Kwisatz Haderach (geek Dune reference ftw). It's kinda wacky... doesn't make much sense to me. Reminds of the weird commercials for the PS3.
Nope haven't seen the Bol.com stuff, but I'm curious now. Do you have to sign up to see it?

The Puma commercial is designed to make absolutely no sense at all. Much like the Playstation commercials.
The site is at http://warmwelkom.bol.com - I think that if you register with bol.com, you should get an invitation.

Maybe you have to order something too, though. I hope not.
Ehm, I didn't like it. Sorry. Very weir. But if that was what the trailer wanted to convey, then it succeeded ;) So, are you done moving now?
Well, it's not exactly my taste either to be honest, but it was fun to work on and it pays the bills.

Yesterday we moved Marissa's stuff over to the new place... so were almost there. We just have to purchase some additional furniture and give all stuff a place.
Cheesy is the right weird. I can imagine this being fun to work on :)
It's a bit like a playground... if you go weird like this, there is so much you can suddenly can get away with. :)
Hmmm, ik vond het niet zo leuk eigenlijk. Je hebt waarschijnlijk het beste er van gemaakt met wat je kreeg aan materiaal, Leo, en de editing et cetera is prima, maar conceptueel is het een bijzonder flauw, oninteressant filmpje, dat nergens omslaat in de gewenste hilariteit dat vaak spontaan ontstaat op Youtube of 4chan. En het kan zéker niet tippen aan de briljante 'what the fuck' ads voor de Playstation. Sorry! (Hoewel ik weet dat het voor jou gewoon een job was, dus je zal het je niet persoonlijk aantrekken)
I "grinnikte" at the "Fear is the mind killer"-reference, but that was pretty much it. I don't like the weird Playstation campaigns either; things must have at least some sense for me. But then, I'm not the target audience anyway. ;)

I do wonder about who is the target audience. There are a lot of subtle geeky references. But they all refer to old stuff, so they would basically only be fun for old geeks. The fact that I recognized only a few, means you have to be a hardcore old geek to 'get' them. So that is a limited target audience for whom this is fun.

Apart from that, over-the-top weirdness can appeal to hip youngsters, without having to 'get' the references. But for that it somehow feels not too over-the-top enough and not weird enough. There is still too much 'sense'; too much of a 'storyline' if I compare it to Playstation ads.

So I don't think the movie is that good. But like I said, I'm definitely not the target audience.
And either way, it must have been fun to do and stepping out of your comfort zone is always good.
I'll see if I can get round to watching it later tonight. Should be good. *nods* But I'll see if I can be critical and all that, too. :)
Heh ik herkende Dune dus ik ben allang blij! (En ik heb die nooit gelezen, ook).